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Our Story

A Better Body is a public charity under the federal tax laws 501(c) (3) in 2010. It was formed to educate, inform and train the public. Since 2008 when it was formed, we have been developing programs that will help the community. Executive Director, Anne Radke has over 30 years of teaching and developing programs that will help each student grow individually, get in shape, learn how to be safer, set goals, make life changes and cope with life and its realities. Please view Anne Radke's bio (in left menu) to learn more about her.

Programs like UPKUDO Karate, Victors Not Victims Personal Safety Seminars, ABB4Me Mental Health and Fitness Classes, and the REAL Essentials Life Skills Program are taught at the facility and in the schools.

Our Life Coaches, Instructors, Assistants and volunteers are certified to teach with many years of experience. Regardless of age anyone can benefit from our programs. Our Partners in Fitness help bring this dream to reality.

We are qualified by the IRS to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts. We work with government agencies, parents and local schools to bring quality programs to the community. The funds for received through donations, foundations and grants help offset the costs of conducting these programs.

Several students, businesses and organizations have written remarks attesting to the benefit of the these programs. By clicking references, you can learn what others think of A Better Body, its instructors and the programs it offers.

Help us build a healthier and safer community. For more information contact or call (850) 566-4544 or (850)514-4334.

More Information

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FEI#: 35-2330538
1412 FL GA HWY, Havana, FL 32333
(850) 514-4334 ~ (850) 566-4544


A Better Body is located at the Alpha UPKUDO Martial Arts and Fitness facility. Alpha UPKUDO is located at 1412 FL GA HWY (US Highway 27), Havana, FL 32333, just north of Tallahassee.

To get to the dojo from Tallahassee, take North Monroe street (US 27) north out of the city. The dojo will be approximately 7.5 miles north of I-10 (4 miles north of Canopy Oaks Elementary School) along US Highway 27 on the right, across from the Pure Gas Station.

To get to the dojo from Havana, take the FL GA HWY (US 27) south out of the city. The dojo will be approximately 4.5 miles south of 9th avenue on the left. You'll pass a Texaco station on the left, then the dojo will be on the same side, across from the Pure Gas Station.


Partners in Fitness

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Margie and Heather Baker Foundation

Margie Baker Scholarship Fund Margie Baker and her family believe in helping others, especially those who are disadvantaged. It is their desire that all children have access to resources to help them grow as individuals and become successful. With the scholarship fund, no child is turned away because of their inability to pay so they can learn valuable life skills, respect, discipline, self confidence and have access to ways they can get healthier and reduce stress. The mental health support students receive from attending programs such as Alpha UPKUDO Karate, Victors Not Victims Self Defense, Stand Up to Bullies and REAL Essentials Life Skills all work together to educate, equip and empower the participants. These programs are funded in part by the Margie Baker Scholarship Fund.

Picture of Margie and Heather Picture of Margie Picture of Margie


Master Anne Radke is one the few women who has built her own karate school, Alpha UPKUDO Karate & Fitness in 1999 after teaching at Lafayette Community Centers since 1992. Master Anne named her school "Alpha" as a testimony that she puts God first in every aspect of her life. She has trained thousands of students.

In 2008 she founded the 501(c)(3) non profit A Better Body organization to educate persons needing health and safety training. Her focus since 2000 has been on the holistic approach to healing. Her students have won over 4,568 victories in competition. Her karate team demonstrates at community events.

Master Anne is the founder and Executive Director of A Better Body and 7th Degree Black Belt Master in UPKUDO. In 2004 she was appointed President of the UPKUDO International Karate Federation. Master Anne is a Certified as a Master Fitness Trainer, REAL Essentials Life Coach, Senior and Youth Fitness Specialist, Sports Nutritionist, and created the ABB4Me for mental and physical health, Victors not Victims, and Stand Up To Bullies programs. She is a Mental Health & Personal Development Consultant.

Teaching experience spans over 30 years and she has received many letters of commendation from the Gadsden County School Board, Senator Rick Scott, House of Representative Alan Williams, Department of Health, Gadsden Health Council and many others for her work in the community.

Honors in Martial Arts include from 2000 to 2019:

Master Anne posing with kids holding trophies
Master Anne Radke
Students holding cards from Bully Prevention Seminar
Bully Prevention Seminar
Karate Students and Instructors posing with Trophies
Karate Tournament Competitors
Master Anne with REAL Essentials Students
REAL Essentials Students
Master Anne performing self defense move
Self Defense Instructor


Board of Directors

President and Executive Director
Anne Radke
Lisa Roddenberry
Assistant Director
Chantal Escoto
Vice President
John Escoto
Chantal Escoto
Board Member
Karius McMillan
Fund Raising
Brandon Keefer

Advisory Council/Committees

Advertising & Promotion
Anne Radke, Chairperson
Lance Vanlewen, Webmaster

Budget & Finance
Anne Radke, Chairperson
Lisa Roddenberry, Co-Chairperson
Tangala Gerald, Professional Accountant

Program Development & Education
Anne Radke, Chairperson
Community Affairs & Marketing
Anne Radke, Chairperson
JD English, Social Media

Legal Counsel
Anthony Reeves, PA, Chairperson

Records and Documentation
Lisa Roddenberry, Chairperson