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Rise Up Challenge Results

What a fantastic challenge everyone did in the Rise Up Fitness for a better me. Participants from six to sixty-five years old finished the challenge bringing in each category first place champions. What was the most touching, was the acts of kindness they all performed and comments of how this improved their lives. They did thousands of techniques in a 30 day time frame. Many finished in 2 weeks. The parents made me so proud that they did the challenge with their kids. Now that is the way to make memories. Doing something together to improve their health and have fun.

Special thanks to Daniel Boydston, Curtiss Cain, and Jessica Skipper for going above and beyond to do the workouts with their children. Each received a shirt, bracelet, diploma and medal.

More than 50 signed up but the winners who finished first in their category are:

Thank you to the following sponsors for most of the children making the Rise Up Challenge a Success. Please support their businesses because they care about the community and go above and beyond even when times are tough. Your support helped people get in shape and A Better Body to continue its efforts to build a healthier community. May you be blessed.