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Woman standing in field          My personal development programs are designed to improve each person's unique identity, assist in developing their talents and potential, enhance the individual's quality of life and inspire them to reach for their dreams. For the past 20 years as a teacher and life coach, I have helped seniors, youth, teens and adults to:
  • improve self-awareness
  • improve self-knowledge
  • build or renew their identity
  • develop strengths and talents
  • discover spiritual enlightenment
  • identify and improve their potential
  • enhance their quality of life
  • improve their health
  • help them design a plan to fulfill their dreams
  • improve social skills
  • realize and identify their goals
Kids laughing          Any sort of personal development requires a plan if one wishes to know how to make changes or how to deal with the changes that occur in their life. I provide feedback as the individual moves forward in their personal development. Some of the programs include:
  • Active Aging for Seniors
  • UPKUDO Karate for all ages
  • Next Step for Teens and Adults
  • Life Coaching Sessions

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